Leisure oriented travelers generally plan their purchases 60 days or more from the travel date for international departures. As time is on their side, leisure travelers tend to save the most through Passport Premiere. Most leisure travelers believe that purchasing early is the key to accessing the lowest premium class fare levels, but this is not true. The current trend is for carriers to set higher than expected pricing for future dated travel(more than 60 days from the booking date). The underlying principal is for airlines to test traveler’s resistance to higher fare levels. A few travelers will buy early at elevated fare levels, but not enough to fill business class cabins across all flights.Quite simply, if you buy too early you will overpay!

As the departure date approaches, carriers use sweeping downward fare sales to create momentum for their near dated departures. For a 48 hour period, premium class fares are slashed by 70% or more. The most extreme examples have recorded business class fares dropping from over $7,000 to just $771 overnight! The key to capturing these moves is to buy when airlines show signs of fare weakness, and not to be late. Once the buying event ends, fares are raised to higher levels compared to what was offered before the sale. These deep discounts come at the expense of business travelers, who ultimately subsidize the discounts by paying substantial fare premiums as the departure date approaches.




Passport Premiere offers Fare Monitor to assist leisure travelers in capturing downward fare moves when fare change happens.First, Passport Premiere defines the members travel requirements and pricing on the date of the request. The current pricing and demand is analyzed against the lowest fares offered over the previous 12 months for the requested route. If lower fares are anticipated at a future date, the itinerary is placed on Fare Monitor which analyzes pricing daily and reports the progress by e-mail. Members can opt to confirm the itinerary using BUY IT NOW pricing at any time.

When there is a fare change, the member is advised of the new pricing and if it’s a BUY or if they should continue to HOLD for additional savings. The member is only required to complete their purchase once they are ready to lock in at their desired fare level

We understand that leisure travelers may be anxious to complete their purchases. However, if no one else is buying in at current fare levels why do you want to be the first? Purchasing too early only provides carriers a catalyst to move fares higher. Fare Monitor allows members to defer their purchases to much later in the booking cycle, allowing you to maintain control of your money and not the carrier. In the event that your plans change, Fare Monitor avoids holding thousands in non-refundable tickets which expire in a year and you may never use!

Only Passport Premiere puts its members in position to capture fare sales or lower contracted fares as they are introduced.

Are you ready to put yourself in position to master the premium class travel game?