Premiere members receive the following suite of services and market access:

Fare Monitor

Best used for trips planned 30 days or more from the travel date

Fare Monitor can save you thousands in costs for international trips planned and purchased several months in advance. Many travelers believe that purchasing early guarantees them access to the lowest fare levels but this is not true. Premium cabin fares are volatile and pricing can move wildly just like the commodity and equity markets The current trend is for carriers to offer higher than expected pricing for future dated travel(more than 60 days from the booking date). The underlying principle is to establish a market and a minimum ask price allowing travelers to bid pricing up. As the departure date approaches, carriers can slash fares by over 50% in order to distribute distressed inventory not sold at the higher price levels. Remember, if you purchase a non-refundable fare too early most carriers DO NOT refund you the difference if a lower fare is introduced at a later date.

Fare Monitor allows Premiere Members to take advantage of downward fare movements as they happen. First, Passport Premiere defines the members travel requirements and pricing on the date of the request. The current pricing and demand is analyzed against lowest levels offered over the previous 12 months for the requested route. If lower fares are anticipated at a future date, the itinerary is placed on Fare Monitor which analyzes pricing and e-mails the member a daily progress report.
When there is a fare change, members are advised if the new pricing is a BUY or if they should continue to HOLD for additional savings. The member is only required to make a financial commitment once they are ready to lock in their fare and complete the purchase. Only Passport Premiere puts its members in position to capture fare sales or lower contracted fares as they are introduced. Once again, more than an international travel club.

The most updated business class buying events can be found by visiting WHAT YOU’VE MISSED OR BY CLICKING HERE


Some of the more notable fare movements detected and captured by Fare Monitor include:

  • February, 2015- New Record low to South America set, as business fares with most carriers including American Airlines plummet. Los Angeles-Buenos Aires falls to just $1,119 + taxes
  • March 17th, 2015- Business class fares between Washington & Beijing set a new all time low of just $40 with American Airlines + taxes
  • October, 2015- ALL TIME BUSINESS CLASS LOW set with $362 r.t. business fares to London
  • June, 2016- Airlines react to BREXIT results by slashing business fares 90% +. Extreme examples include San Francisco-Vienna from just $600 r..t. + taxes.
  • November, 2016- Carriers react to election results by slashing business fares to London fall to just $656 + taxes. Several carriers participated including British Airways & Delta.
  • January, 2017- Business fares between Shanghai & Chicago fall to just $1,155 r.t. + taxes with One World (i.e. American).
  • May, 2017- Business class fares to London from several U.S. cities fall to just $1,000 r.t. + taxes with One World (i.e. American) and Skyteam (i.e. Delta ) carriers.
  • August, 2017- New record business class low of $645 r.t. + taxes between the Boston & Amsterdam detected with One World carriers
  • February, 2018- Record business class lows between Chicago & Frankfurt retested with One World, Skyteam & Star Alliance carriers.
  • March, 2018- Record low between Phoenix & Shanghai of $2,044 r.t. business class + taxes RE-TESTED with Delta
  • The most updated business class buying events can be found by visiting WHAT YOU’VE MISSED OR BY CLICKING HERE

    Though fares are programmed to move higher as the departure date approaches, fares only remain elevated when the carrier is not able to establish a market at the higher fare levels. Like the equity markets, what goes up can come down and overstated fares are frequently a more attractive value at a later date.

     Contract Fares

    Best used for trips planned 30 days or less from the travel date

    Carriers program premium cabin fares to perpetually increase as the travel date approaches. In reality, an unsold seat is actually declining in value as it approaches expiration. In airline terms, expiration is defined as a flights scheduled departure date.

    As a Premiere member, you have access to over 6 million premium class fare combinations. These fares are best used when immediate confirmation is required and time does not permit using Fare Monitor awaiting a short term downward fare movement. While a short term fare sale is possible, members traveling on short notice can expect travel purchased at the last minute to be rolled back to what it would have been had it been purchased with 30 days or even 50 days advance of notice.

    Offshore Ticketing And Buying Power For Even Greater Savings

    Premiere members benefit from access to offshore pricing options for around the world fares, circle pacific fares and multi segment itineraries for maximum savings. For example, if you make more than one trip a year to Asia and Europe you may wish to consider purchasing an Around the World ticket originating in Europe, Israel or South Africa where Around the World fares are up to 40% less expensive than originating in the U.S. Passport Premiere offers offshore Around the World ticketing options from Asia, Africa, India and the Middle East which will give you more travel for less. Purchasing offshore also gives you the added bonus of adding up to 6 flight segments for travel within the U.S in First Class for future use.

    Multi continent travelers will benefit from access to localized fares when travel is purchased outside the country of origin. For example, travel purchased inside Australia and Asia can be up to 80% less when purchased inside the country of origin. Passport Premiere connects members to localized pricing for maximum savings.

    Whether you travel for business or pleasure, Passport Premiere is more than a club for international travel. It provides access and insight to receiving maximum value without the normal rules or restrictions associated with deeply discounts business or first class tickets. Membership can be used for both business as well as exotic destinations worldwide. Members in North America will receive the great savings when purchasing discounted business or first class tickets and fares with Qantas to Australia, discount business class fares with Cathay Pacific to Asia, discount business class fares to south America destinations such as Argentina or Brazil with Delta, LAN or TAM as well as with exotic travel to Africa

    Special One Way Fares between the U.S. and Europe!

    Do you live in Europe and need access to competitive one way business class fares with leading Star Alliance carriers? Passport Premiere offers extremely competitive discount business class fares to Italy, France, Germany, and Russia to name a few. Competitive one way fares are also available between North America and Asia Pacific including Air New Zealand Business Class, Cathay Pacific Business Class, Qantas of Australia Business Class and Qantas of Australia First Class. An international travel club repeats information which is already available to the general public. Passport Premiere members receive insight as to how to make contract fares work for their specific application

    Mileage Ticket Conversions

    Carriers have once again become more stringent in their control of award availability. The current trend is for carriers to first attempt to distribute inventory on a cash basis while restricting award availability.  Seats that are not distributed at elevated fare levels or during a short term downward fare move may eventually be converted to award inventory shortly before a flights departure. Passport Premiere assists members in identifying refundable fare types to secure a desired itinerary, but can continue monitoring award availability with several carriers. If award availability opens shortly before a scheduled departure, members can substitute their cash ticket with a mileage ticket and be refunded for their initial ticket purchase.

    Member Intelligence Reports

    Members receive regular intelligence reports on market conditions and which regions are BUY RATED compared with those destinations that are HOLD rated. A HOLD rating suggests that speculation rather than legitimate demand are elevating fare levels and lower fares should be expected at a future date. Carriers do speculate when setting fare levels on traffic that may not materialize. When demand falls short of expectations or when price levels exceed market resistance, a fare correction is likely to occur defined as a downward fare move. These moves generally last less than 48 hours and members are alerted before other market participants providing priority access to the lowest fare levels.Consistent communication is paramount in educating our members not only of WHAT to buy, but WHEN to buy.

    Special ‘Members-Only’ Discounts

    Special non market business class deals and first class offers for international travel are made available to our Premiere members. These offers are for leading products including Air France, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta, Emirates, Qantas of Australia Business Class Discounts, Qatar Airways and Swiss to name a few.