Passport Premiere Plan Membership Fees Renewal Rate
Individual Membership $399 per year $249 per year
SPOUSAL/PARTNERSHIP MEMBERSHIP $599 per year $399 per year
Children under 11 yrs. $249 (each) per year $249 (each) per year
Children over 11yrs. $299 (each) per year $249 (each) per year

Note: Please note than child’s rate is only applicable when membership is in tandem with an individual adult membership.
Note: The Spousal/Partnership plan can be used for a husband/wife or two adults/business associates traveling together or independently of each other.

Note: Renewal rates are based on 3 or more hotel bookings made with Passport Premiere during each 12 month subscription period.
As a Passport Premiere member, you receive access to objective unbiased insight on whether an itinerary is a BUY at current pricing levels or if more attractive pricing is likely at a later date. Our team of analysts are well versed in measuring key fare analytics including

  • The historical trends for fares on your route including the 12 month high and low.
  • The number of times the low has been tested through downward fare moves and the length of each such event. History can repeat itself and a shortage of buyers over a particular set of dates can cause the lows to be retested.
  • Key drivers for current fare levels including any advance purchase requirements indicating when BUY IT NOW pricing is programmed to move higher
  • The actual demand for your flights, which indicates if there are other travelers buying in at current fare levels or if you are only bidding against yourself by purchasing now. Carriers can and do set fares and inventory availability on speculative demand. In other words, though they may not have sold any seats they may be pricing a route as if a flight is nearly sold out.Buying under this scenario means you will overpay. An inflated fare level without buyers supporting elevated premiums indicates pricing will correct at a future date. Premiere members are first in line to capture downward fare moves when seat liquidation begins.

When used properly, membership can save you thousands after just one trip!

Are you ready to begin using skill
and stop using luck to lower your premium class travel costs?