Whether you’re planning your first international trip or are a seasoned globetrotter, chances are you were either unaware or unable to capture the most memorable premium class buying events. Like equities, the goal is also to BUY LOW but FLY HIGH. Examples of buying opportunities you could have taken advantage since 2011 as a member include the following!

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May, 2011, Business class fares between the U.S. and Europe travel were hovering in the mid 4K range from the east coast and mid 5K range from the west coast. Members were advised to HOLD on their purchases as significant fare reductions were likely. On May 20th, 2011 most U.S. and European carriers unilaterally lowered their business class fares down to $2,438 + taxes. Travelers who did not follow our guidance bought at significantly higher fare levels. Because most tickets are non-refundable, travelers that bought too early were not able to take advantage of the price reductions.

December, 2011, Passport Premiere detected weakening business class demand for January, 2012 travel. Passport Premiere alerted its members that fare reductions were likely and to hold on purchases. On December 15th 2011 most U.S. and European carriers lowered business class fares from the mid 4K range to as low as $1,133 round trip plus taxes for 2012 travel. This move was designed to retest the pricing support levels and allow the remaining seats to be sold at much higher levels.

February /March, 2012 Passport Premiere members contemplating business class travel to Europe were advised of the strong likelihood of significant fare reductions in the coming days. Our guidance was also reported by Reuters on February, 24th, 2012 On March 1st, 2012 and then again on March 29th, 2012 virtually all U.S. and European carriers launched a one day business class fare sale slashing fares by nearly 60%. One member who used Fare Monitor benefited from $2,500 in savings for a trip between Philadelphia and Zurich. Final pricing was $2,488 for round trip business class, compared with $4994 just days earlier.

April 2012 — American launched a business class fare sale to Asia targeting Delta gateways, and then Delta fired back at American. During this downward fare movement, business class fares from the U.S. to Asia plummeted to $1,490 round trip plus taxes. Members with pending trips to Asia moved in and captured this incredible fare move.

May 2012 – Passport Premiere guided its members to hold on pending business class purchases for June travel as a business class fare sale to Europe was imminent. Five days later, business class fares plummeted to a 12 month low of $771 from most U.S. cities.

July/August 20122 – Passport Premiere advised its members to HOLD on purchasing business class travel to Europe for September/October travel in anticipation of lower fares. Those members that followed our guidance had their buying event on August 27th, 2012 when both Delta and United slashed business class fares between the U.S. and Europe for fall travel by up to 50%. For example, fares between Lexington and London Heathrow were available for $1809 plus taxes. One day later, fares returned to $4,609 + taxes.

September 2012 – Qatar Airways launched a historic business class sale, slashing fares by up to 50% between the U.S., Africa, Asia and the Middle East .For example, business class fares between New York and India were cut from $4,370 plus taxes to just $2,610 plus taxes. Business class fares between Washington and South Africa fell to just $2,840 plus taxes. This buying event lasted two days and fares returned to their previous levels after the sale.

November 12th, 2012 – Facing diminishing demand at elevated fare levels for year- end travel, several U.S. and European carries slashed their lowest business class fare levels by over 50%. Carrier participants included American Airlines, British Airways and Delta Airlines. For example, on November 11th, 2012 the lowest business class fares between New York and London started at $3,107. One day later, business class pricing plummeted to just $1,399 from New York and $2,244 from Los Angeles to London.

December 13th, 2012– Business Class fares between the U.S. and China with direct service fell to just $2,000 from the west coast + taxes for 2013 travel. Pricing was later revised to offer First Class fares at deeply discounted business class sale levels.

December 23rd, 2012 – Emirates launches short term business class sale for purchases completed by January 10th, 2013. Sale slashes business class fares to Africa, the Middle East, India and Asia by 50% on select routes targeting spoiling near dated inventory. Additional short term buying events with Emirates are projected in 2013.

January, 3rd, 2013 – Several U.S. carriers including American and United slash future dated itineraries in business class by 70% for travel anytime in 2013. Extreme examples included Los Angles-London nonstop from just $1,223 round trip + taxes. The offer was later modified to only apply to departures after May 15th, 2013. History has repeated itself and these fare levels are anticipated again in 2013!

December, 2013 United initiates short term business class buying event to China and American matches. Round trip business class fares fall to just $2,800 round trip + taxes.

July, 2014 British Airways launches a short term business class buying event from several North American cities to Asia, India, and South Africa. Round trip business class fares fell to just $2,455 + taxes during this event

September, 2014 Business Class fares from over 130 U.S. cities to London are lowered to $988 + taxes. Members were already in the know and captured this event before it happened!

October, 2014 One World (American, British Airways, USAirways) strikes back at Skyteam (Delta/Air France) by slashing business class fares to just $1,050 + taxes from over 160 U.S. cities to Amsterdam, France and Italy.

November, 2014 Skyteam fires back at One World by launching a record setting business class buying event to London. This buying event is memorable and record setting as round trip business class fares to London fell to just $350 round trip marking an all time low!

When is the next buying event? Members are already standing by and patiently following our guidance with technical indicators suggesting when that event may be.

Are you ready to begin leveraging the power of purchasing international premium class travel on airline weakness?