“Thanks so much for your system which offers outstanding value to travelers like me.  After initial sticker shock, I was beginning to think that I could no longer afford business class. When I began planning my trip to Italy, all the business class fares I could findstarted at $5,000 per person. For two of us, 10K was just more than I could justify. The Fare Monitor system found business class fares 50% lower than when I initially started my searches. I ended up paying less for business than I would have for premium economy had I ticketed before joining Premiere. Amazingly, I didn’t have to purchase until 30 days prior which also helped.

Very Happy and Very Satisfied”

“If not for your service, I would be traveling coach and would not have reached Elite status in the One World alliance. Reaching platinum level on Qantas has enabled me to upgrade to First Class several times on the new Airbus 380 which is an unbelievable method of flying. This has saved me several hundred per year by not having to renew my Admirals Club membership. Both my wife and I get free admission. I have received value well beyond what I paid. Please use this testimonial any way you see fit.”

“I used to buy tickets early as I thought that’s how you get the best fares. But as my plans would frequently change I can’t tell you how much money I wasted on non-refundable “deal” tickets that ended up expiring.  Not only did I give airlines an interest free loan with my hard earned money by purchasing early, they have the nerve to tell me my tickets mysteriously” purged” when I needed to travel the following year. The only thing that purged was my cash from my bank account into theirs for which I received nothing in return. I am always interested in saving money, but I am more concerned with not wasting money. Premiere keeps my money IN MY POCKET until a ticket absolutely has to be purchased saving me on change fees and wasted tickets. I just wish I had found you about 15 years ago! I could have bought a house for what I’ve wasted with airlines over the years”

“I used the Fare Monitor service for a trip for my husband between San Francisco and London. Fares were over $5,000 for business class. I found this to be higher than what we had paid in the past, but he can only fly business class for a trip of this length. After one month of updates, there was little change in the pricing. Just when we were about to bite the bullet, Passport Premiere found nonstop flights with British Airways for just $2,000. Just when I was beginning to doubt your system, Passport Premiere proved me wrong.

Thanks so much”

“For a last minute trip between Paris and Brazil, Air France quoted me over 6,000 Euros.  Within three days, you helped me get the same flights for less than 3,000 Euros. What else can I say?”