Unlike other calamities, COVID-19 affects us all. Yes, the entire planet! The health, safety and economic prosperity of our customers and contractors remains our top priority. We’re monitoring guidance from government agencies, public health officials and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for the latest updates concerning COVID-19. We understand that some members have been especially hard hit both physically and economically. For this reason, early termination fees of Passport Premiere subscription charges have been reduced by 35% through January 15th, 2022 for any member compelled to opt out early.

We never want see a member leave, but understand COVID-19 has created unforeseen health hazards and financial hardships causing some travel to be postponed indefinitely. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, communicating with our members while preserving the health of our employees and contractors is paramount. For this reason, we invite you to get in touch with us by visiting https://passportpremiere.com/contact-us/ to submit any questions you may have.

We look forward to helping you travel comfortably for less once this situation stabilizes.

Employees, directors, contractors, affiliates, representatives or any other individual or entity that has a financial interest or is controlled by an airline, whether domestic or international, are not eligible for on-line registration and should contact us directly to discuss membership options.

Q: I cannot get my password to work.

Please send us an e-mail at info@passportpremiere.com and include your username, current password and telephone contact. After we have researched the problem, we will either notify you to retry your current password or provide you with a new password, which you will be able to change once you have signed in and select the ‘Edit Your Profile’ button.

Q: I need to update my Profile.

Sign in to your account and select ‘Edit Your Profile’ in the upper right hand corner to update your information.

Q: I need to change my Password.

Sign in to your account and select ‘Edit My Profile’ in the upper right hand corner. Proceed to enter your new password at the bottom of the page and select ‘Submit Changes.’ Please note that your password must be a minimum of 5 characters in length.

Q: Can my spouse travel with me at the Passport Premiere fare?

he benefits and pricing under Passport Premiere are reserved for the individual member and cannot be transferred. Couples who wish to travel together can take advantage of our Family Membership. Couples seeking to travel together or separately should select our spousal membership.

Q: I am a business owner and five of us travel. Can our company join
Passport Premiere?

Commercial clients are welcome to join Passport Premiere. Corporate memberships provide benefits for up to five travelers. Companies that need to enroll more than five travelers should contact Passport Premiere directly for customized membership solutions.

Q: How long is my membership valid for?

Membership is valid for one year from the date your initial membership application was processed. Within 30 days of your membership expiration, Passport Premiere benefits will be automatically renewed at the prevailing renewal rates. While we never like to see a member leave, deactivation requests must be received within 30 days prior to the anniversary of your initial account activation.

Q: How soon after joining Passport Premiere do I become eligible
for the benefits?

You are eligible for all of the benefits of Passport Premiere within 72 hours of your activation.

Q: What are the restrictions associated with tickets purchased
through Passport Premiere?

Passport Premiere delivers savings by timing premium cabin ticket purchases with periods of airfare weakness. Regardless of the final fare level, all offers made available to members contain ticket characteristics that are consistent with terms available in the open market including the flexibility and mileage accrual. Penalties and fare levels have an inverse relationship. Lower fare levels generally contain more restrictive terms including an advance purchase or minimum stay. Fare premiums escalate based on added flexibility, a surge in demand for a specified flight or by carrier speculation. Passport Premiere assists members in validating if the current fare premium, regardless of how high or how low, is justified or if fare premiums are likely to fall at a later date. In no way does this increase the restrictions associated with a particular fare or compromise the member in any way.

Q: Do I earn frequent flyer mileage in Passport Premiere?

Yes! You earn the full mileage credit as awarded for the fare type purchased. Passport Premiere membership does not compromise the mileage credit you can expect to earn

Q: Do I really need a Spousal Subscription/Family plan?

If your family members/co workers plan on using Fare Monitor, a supplemental subscription (i.e. Spousal Plan) is suggested. Fare Monitor is what enables you to HOLD an itinerary and preserve current pricing while deferring the purchase in anticipation of lower pricing at a later date. Using FARE MONITOR only for yourself when more than one person is traveling is NOT recommended. When FARE MONITOR detects lower pricing, you may not able to replicate the lower pricing on the same flights for additional travelers unless they have an active subscription. If you’re the primary traveler and family members/co workers will join you occasionally, you can use the individual subscription for access to the Member Intelligence Reports and use of FARE MONITOR for yourself.

Account upgrades and payment updates can be completed by visiting PREMIERE UPGRADES once signed into your account

Q: My spouse and children joined using the family membership plan.
Are they eligible for frequent flyer miles as well?

Yes, all travelers are eligible for mileage credit.

Q: Who will receive the greatest benefits as a Passport Premiere member?

Anyone that travels at least once a year between North America and Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America in business or first class. Passport Premiere benefits are not applicable for trips within one continent (i.e. New York to Cancun, London to Paris, etc). Even if you normally purchase an economy ticket and use miles to upgrade, you can still benefit by purchasing business class for less than economy on several routes in times of fare weakness.

Q: How do I recommend a new member to Passport Premiere?

Whenever you share the good news about Passport Premiere, invite that person to indicate on their registration form that they were recommended by you. We will update your records accordingly with the number of people you refer.

Q: How can I upgrade my account to a Spousal/Partnership plan?

Account upgrades and payment updates can be completed by visiting PREMIERE UPGRADES once signed into your account

Q: Should I expect a lower standard of service because I’ve paid a
much lower fare?

Quite simply, NO! Fares are not fixed, but based on what someone is willing to pay for travel on a given flight. All of the services provided to premium class travelers ranging from lounge access to flat beds are standardized. Whether you pay the highest price point or the lowest, it does not impact the service you should expect on your trip.

Q: What forms of payment are acceptable for Passport Premiere

We accept all major credit cards for membership fees and renewals.

Q: Do I get anything for referring others to join Passport Premiere?

Share the benefits of Passport Premiere with a friend, colleague or family member that you know travels internationally and be rewarded for your suggestion. You’ll receive a $75 account credit for each person that you refer that subsequently joins Passport Premiere. If you refer three new members in a year, next year’s renewal for you is free!

Q: Why is there a membership fee?

The membership based revenue model is what allows Passport Premiere to educate its members on historical and technical information for travel on a given route. This data, including demand patterns, is crucial in determining if pricing is likely to move lower at a later date. The benefits of being an informed and educated buyer should be apparent. If they are not, then Passport Premiere may not be for you!

Terms and Conditions

    • Upon joining Passport Premiere, new members have 72 hours in which to cancel their membership. Once the initial 72-hour trial period has past, membership fees are non-refundable. Cancellations are only permitted for members not receiving any membership benefits during the 72-hour trial period, including the purchase or request or purchase of Passport Premiere fares. Passport Premiere electronically disseminates public and non-public information to its members. Some of these offers must be processed through Passport Premiere. Others can be executed by the member directly in the open market, and the knowledge the member receives from Passport Premiere is what enables the member to achieve value. The members receipt of Member Intelligence Reports from Passport Premiere electronically constitutes the members acceptance of our terms and the members continued participation Cancellations should be requested by signing into the Premiere account at https://www.passportpremiere.com/login , select ‘EDIT YOUR PROFILE’ followed by Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the page.
    • Membership is non-transferable and any and all data regarding suppliers, pricing, partners or other offers are reserved for the private use of our Passport Premiere members. Any and all information, to which you gain access while a member of Passport Premiere, may not be disseminated or forwarded to any third party without the written permission of Passport Premiere. Distribution of Passport Premiere offers to any third party may result in the termination of the member’s Passport Premiere account without compensation or prior notice.
    • The membership benefits associated with Passport Premiere are valid for 365 days from the date the initial membership application is received and are based on a minimum 3 year term. No earlier than 330 days from the initial activation, membership will be automatically renewed at the prevailing renewal rate unless an “OPT OUT” is exercised. “OPT OUT” or cancellations can be completed on-line by signing and selecting EDIT YOUR PROFILE. Cancellations must be received no later 365 days from the date of the initial activation date. After 24 month of continuous service, subscription term is extended up to 60 months.
    • Members who “OPT OUT” of their Passport Premiere subscription at any time must wait 36 months before reapplying at the new member rate
    • Initial subscription rates include 45 minutes of telephonic support. Members have the option of purchasing additional support units, though not required to realize the benefits associated with a Passport Premiere subscription.
    • 72-hour trial period does not apply to subscriptions bundled with other elite amenity options including those offered on Black Friday.
    • Accepted forms of payment other than credit cards (Money Orders and Banks’ checks) must be drawn on a U.S. bank.
    • Member will NOT use their membership to create duplicate bookings. Member acknowledges that premium cabin seats are finite in supply and scarce. Member will not compromise market conditions by using Fare Monitor while simultaneously holding pending or confirmed space on the same or similar flights.
    • The fares and special offers under Passport Premiere are reserved for the primary member and may not be transferred to any third party.
    • Effective May 1st, 2017, Premiere subscriptions are now bundled with four (4) FARE MONITOR scans per year. Subscribers requiring MORE than four (4) FARE MONITOR scans per year can purchase them from just $39 per record. If you activated your subscription on or after May 1st, 2017, FARE MONITOR scans will be purged and replenished on the anniversary of your initial subscription. For example, if you subscribed on June 1st, 2017 you’ll have until May 31st, 2018 to use your four (4) FARE MONITOR scans. On June 1st, 2018 any UNUSED FARE MONITOR scans are purged and four (4) new FARE MONITOR scans accesses will be added to your account. If you activated your Premiere account ON OR BEFORE April 30th, 2017, your FARE MONITOR scan accesses will purge and replenish on May 1st as long as your account remains active.
    • Renewal rates only apply to members with no more than a 60 day lapse in membership from the first renewal attempt.
    • Passport Premiere distributes electronic communications intended for the exclusive use of our paid membership. Member is not authorized to copy, forward, or disseminate communications received as a member to any third party without prior authorization of Passport Premiere. Failure to comply with this term may result in the suspension of the members account privileges.
    • Member is subscribing to Passport Premiere for its expertise, dedication, and resources relating to the valuation of international premium cabin travel rather than a particular outcome or result. Passport Premiere provides members price analytics when issuing BUY IT NOW or FARE MONITOR recommendations for international premium cabin travel, but does not warrant the members satisfaction or comfort for services performed by any airline carrier or service provider.
    • Telephone support is available to help members understand specific search results, BUY IT NOW or FARE MONITOR RECOMMENDATIONS and other components AFTER FARE VALIDATION has been completed by Passport Premiere. Subscribers submit FARE VALIDATION requests electronically within Passport Premiere or affiliated domains. Requests for telephonic support outside the Passport Premiere standardized process (i.e. REQUEST FARE VALIDATION) or review data searched/ obtained on third party domains may by subject to customized support or require a support package. Additional charges may apply for customized support.
    • Subscription fees are billed annually based on a 36 month term and with active participation by the member. Active participation is defined as one or more international premium cabin air purchases per year paid OR three hotels booked & utilized at Passport Premiere of any value per year. Subscribers utilizing system resources including use of FARE MONITOR or accessing content through member intelligence reports without quantifiable booking activity (i.e. 3 hotel bookings at Passport Premiere ) may be subject to escalation of subscriptions fees.Members are entitled to four (4) FARE MONITOR scans for every quantifiable international premium cabin trip purchased. Any member under bankruptcy protection may submit proof of their protective status for an automatic waiver of their remaining subscription term.
    • Members may run an unlimited number of fare searches but should not duplicate validation requests(defined as 3 or more separate requests for analytical data for the same trip, carrier, routing within 30 days). If desired pricing is not available at the time of the initial search, member is encouraged to use FARE MONITOR & capture BUSINESS CLASS BUYING EVENTS as they happen. Members will not CHURN airline inventory or search requests for the purpose of evading use of FARE MONITOR.
    • Subscribers/members will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times with Passport Premiere, and refrain from using profanity or obscenities (whether verbal, written or electronic) with any Passport Premiere employees, affiliates, subscribers or other representative. Failure for subscriber/member to adhere to this term may result in the immediate termination of the subscribers account privileges without compensation.
    • Additional queries may be directed to the Contact Us section or by providing all requested details and calling +1 (917) 472 1650.

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