Larry M

“I used to buy tickets early as I thought that’s how you get the best fares. But as my plans would frequently change I can’t tell you how much money I wasted on non-refundable “deal” tickets that ended up expiring.  Not only did I give airlines an interest free loan with my hard earned money by purchasing early, they have the nerve to tell me my tickets mysteriously” purged” when I needed to travel the following year. The only thing that purged was my cash from my bank account into theirs for which I received nothing in return. I am always interested in saving money, but I am more concerned with not wasting money. Premiere keeps my money IN MY POCKET until a ticket absolutely has to be purchased saving me on change fees and wasted tickets. I just wish I had found you about 15 years ago! I could have bought a house for what I’ve wasted with airlines over the years”